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« Sunday, April 3, 2011 »

Reformed JAPHs in Python - Ridiculous Anagram

Python obfuscation using anagrams.

Here's the second in my reformed JAPH series. It takes an anagram of 'just another python hacker' and converts it prior to printing. It sorts the anagram by the indices of another string, in order of their associated characters. This is sort of like a pre-digested Schwartzian transform.

x = 'upjohn tehran hectors katy'
y = '1D0HG6JFO9P5ICKAM87B24NL3E'

print(''.join(x[i] for i in sorted(range(len(x)), key=lambda p: y[p])))

Obfuscation consists mostly of using silly machinations to construct the string we use to sort the anagram.

print(''.join('''upjohn tehran hectors katy'''[_]for _ in sorted(range
(26),key=lambda p:(hex(29)[2:].upper()+str(3*3*3*3-3**4)+'HG'+str(sum(